shutterstock_27585610SOFT lifting techniques involve the use of lifting sutures in order to pull the face skin up, as if we were doing it with using our own fingers, as we normally do in front of a mirror when we believe that we have some excess skin on the face or when we lose our jawline.

These sutures HAVE NOTHING TO DO with gold or lifting threads. In SOFT lifting, theses sutures are stitches placed in strategic spots on the face to hold up the skin, achieving an effect of lifting or to gather the skin around an area of the face in order to obtain an facial rejuvenation effect.

It is performed under local anaesthetics, it does not require hospital admission and it lasts less than half an hour. The postoperative period is very short as there are no incisions and the recovery is fast.

The face-lift effect of the results is noticeable immediately and long-lasting, although this is dependent on the type of skin. SOFT lifting techniques allow you to resume your usual activities in a few hours.