When it facilitates the personal data in the forms of contact, e-mails, etc, the user authorises on purpose his treatment with the purpose to loan him the sanitary services requested, as well as for the necessary administrative negotiations own of the process assistencial with the juridical base of the consent and the article 9 of the RGPD.

The manager of these treatments are:

Dr. Agustín Blanch CIF B-62608849 Cabbage. 20008

Address: C/ Córcega, 301, 4ª 08008 Barcelona

Tel.: 34 93 415 61

Email: carme.drblanch@gmail.com


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Political of Cookies 

This web uses ‘cookies’ own and of third to offer him a better experience and service. In sailing or use our services, you accepts the use that do of the ‘cookies’. Nevertheless, it can change the configuration of cookies to any moment.
Responsible Entity
The entity responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data, in the sense established by the Law on Protection of Personal Data is the page http://www.doctorblanch.com, owned by Agustín Blanch Rubió.

Type of cookies used
This web uses so much ‘cookies’ storms of session like cookies permanent. The cookies of session store data only while the user accesses to the web and the ‘cookies’ permanent store the data in the terminal because they are accessed and used in more than a session.

As the purpose for which treat the data obtained through the ‘cookies’, the web can use:

technical Cookies
Are those that allow to the user the navigation through the website or application and the utilisation of the different options or services that in her exist. For example, control the traffic and the communication of data, identify the session, access to the parts web of access restricted, remember the elements that integrate a comanda, realise the application of registration or participation in an event, use elements of security during the navigation and store contents for the diffusion of videos or sound.

Cookies of personalització
Are those that allow to the user access to the service with some characteristic of general character predefinides in his terminal or that the own user define. For example, the language, the type of browser by means of which accesses to the service, the design of contents selected, geolocalización of the terminal and the regional configuration since where accesses to the service.

Advertising cookies
Are those that allow the effective management of the advertising spaces that have included to the website or application since which loans the service. They allow adequar the content of the advertising because this is relieving for the user and to avoid show announcements that the user already have seen.

Cookies of statistical analysis
Are those that allow to do the follow-up and analysis of the behaviour of the users in the places web. The information collected by means of this type of cookies uses in the measurement of the activity of the places web, application or platform and for the preparation of profiles of navigation of the users of these places, to enter improvements in the service in function of the data of use that do the users.
Cookies of third
In some websites can install cookies of third that allow gestionar and improve the services offered.

Like administering the ‘cookies’ in the browser?
The user has the option to allow, bloquejar or delete the cookies installed in his team by means of the configuration of the options of the browser in his terminal:

To adjust the permissions related with the ‘cookies’ in the browser Google Chrome:
• Do click to the menu situated to the bar of tools.
• Select Configuration.
• Do click to Mostar options advanced.
• In the section ‘Privadesa’ do click to the button Configuration of content.
• In the section of cookies can configure the options.
More information to the following link: desactivarCookies in Google

To adjust the permissions related with the ‘cookies’ to the browser Mozilla Firefox:
• In the top of the window of the Firefox do click to the menu Tools.
• Select Options.
• Select the signpost Privadesa.
• In the option Firefox will be able to choose Uses a configuration personalitzada for the historial to configure the options.
More information to the following link: desactivarcookies in Firefox

To adjust the permissions related with the ‘cookies’ in the browser Internet Explorer:
• In the top of the window of Internet Explorer do click to the menu Tools.
• Select the eyelash of Security and use the option Delete the historial of navigation to delete the ‘cookies’. Actuate the box cookies and, to continuation, do click to Suppresses.
• Select the eyelash of Security and access to Configuration. Move the control gliding totally upwards for bloquejar all the cookies or totally downwards to allow all the ‘cookies’. After this, do click to Of agreement.
More information to the following link: desactivarCookies in Internet Explorer
In case of bloquejar the use of cookies in his browser is possible that some services or functionalities of the website are not available.
In some browsers can configure specific rules to administer ‘cookies’ for place web, what offers a more precise control on the privadesa. In that case it can inhabilitar cookiesde all the places except of those in which trust .
Also it can desactivar the cookies in Safari following this link: desactivar cookies in Safari