dr-blanchIt is with great pleasure that I present my new website, in which you will find detailed information about our premises and the different branches of our specialty which may be of interest to you. The professionals that make up the multidisciplinary team at the “Instituto Dr. Blanch” cover all the aspects of plastic and aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, laser treatments, dietetics and nutrition, psychology and cosmetic treatments. All the specialists who work with me have broad experience and have as a main goal to offer you the best results.

Form the experience I have acquired in medicine and surgery throughout all these years, both as an active specialist and a teacher, I have learnt about the great importance of what we do and above all of how we do it. And that is the driving force that moves us to obtain the best results with the least surgical attitude. Ultimately, we wish to understand our patients’ concerns and expectations. Only this way will it be possible, both for you and for us, to take serious, clear decisions about what can and should be done.

I am certain that before taking the decision of undergoing surgery, it is imperative to listen to the patients carefully, to fully inform them of the details of the procedure, the pros and cons. In my specialty, there are other non-surgical procedures worth knowing about and implementing. All these methods simultaneously combined have excellent results and are less traumatic for the patient.

At current times, in which society is a slave to the dictatorship of beauty, we must be extremely coherent and serious about what we must and must not do, as we must be responsible and solidary with the society we live in.

After many years working as a surgeon in and out of Spain, I am certain that any medical-surgical technique is good as long as it manages to achieve an important goal: WE CAN ALL FEEL BETTER.

Thoroughness and Excellence in the result are my main goals.