Ultracavitation treatment is a non-surgical technique used to enhance your appearance and reduce fat deposits in certain areas of your body, including arms, torso, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs and the inner side of thighs. Ultracavitation does not replace weight loss diets. It is a method to reduce fat in those areas that do not respond to weight loss efforts or physical exercise and to improve their appearance. Ultracavitation can be used as a primary procedure to enhance the appearance of body fat deposits, when boosted with other techniques such as hydrolipoclasy; when used in combination with other surgical techniques like liposuction, it can help dispose of localised fat deposits.

The treatment involves producing vacuum micro-bubbles that break up the membrane of adipocytes when they burst, releasing the fat without affecting the surrounding tissues. Afterwards, the organism disposes of the fat through the lymphatic system and urine. This technique results in a reduction of fat deposits in the area being treated.