Biostimulation treatment with ‘PRP’*

*Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP biostimulation is a combination of procedures that stimulates the anabolic functions of fibroblasts, especially the production of type III collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These proteins play a key part in skin rejuvenation and regeneration processes. The main characteristics of PRP treatment make it a flagship treatment in Cosmetic Medicine.

In physiological conditions, some chemical messengers known as Cutaneous Growth Factors (CGF) stimulate the skin cells, known as fibroblasts. The production of CGFs decreases with ageing and its signs will gradually appear on the skin: it becomes thinner; there is a decrease in the production of collagen; elastin fibre becomes disorganized; there is dehydration, flaccidity, wrinkles and a decrease in vascularisation.

Whereas the concentration of CGFs decreases in the skin as a product of ageing, these growth factors are largely present in blood platelets.

It has been proven CGFs, applied topically or subcutaneously, produce dramatic changes in the skin, restoring its vitality, thickening it. The skin recovers its elastic consistency. The treatment stimulates secretions and enhances skin appearance and firmness. It also softens wrinkles, reducing the harmful effects of cell oxidation and stimulating a larger vascular affluence to the tissues.

The process of obtaining growth factors starts with extracting some blood from the patient. The blood sample is centrifuged using the “Registered BTI Method” in order to isolate plasma and obtain the fraction containing the largest amount of platelets and growth factors. In this enriched plasma the amount of biological messengers is 8 times the average count.